União Rigida

Coupling series:
Grooved mechanical couplings:
The LEDE grooved piping system is one of advanced, versatile, economical and reliable systems available today. After the pipe ends are grooved a gasket is mounted over the pipe ends. The coupling segments are then placed over the gasket and the bolts and nuts are fastened resulting in a secure and leak free joint.


It has below advantages:
1. A coupling can be installed 3 – 4 times faster than a comparable welded or brazed joint and there is no need for a flame or welding torch on the job site, so it is more convenient and more safety.
2.A grooved mechanical coupling can be installed by fastening a pair of bolts and nuts while using only a wrench or spanner, whereas a comparable flanged joint requires the fastening of many bolts and nuts with a pair of wrenches.
3. The grooved system allows for easy material take-offs and unlike a threaded system, there is no need to allow for added pipe length for thread engagement.
4. With removal of just a few bolts one can easily access the system for cleaning, maintenance, changes and or system expansion.

Rigid coupling:
Description: ASTM F1476-07 defines a rigid coupling as a joint where there is essentially no available free angular or axial pipe movement .
A rigid coupling is used in applications where a rigid joint is desired, similar to that of a traditional flanged, welded, and or threaded connection. To be considered, a rigid coupling would allow less than one degree of deflection or angular movement.
MODEL XGQT1: Rigid coupling light-duty

The LEDE Model XGQT1 is a rigid coupling for moderate pressure applications where rigidity is required including valve connections, mechanical rooms, fire mains and long straight runs. Support and hanging requirements correspond to ANSIB31.1, B31.9 and NFPA 13.